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Thoughts on VR motions sickness


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Im new on Vive

IRL = In real Life


What is motions sickess:

Some people get motion sick, when the inner ear balance is moved, and does not match what your eye sees.  Most already know this. But did you know, that when the ear and eye balance dont match, the brain basically interprets this as "you are hallucinating, it must be because of some poison - lets throw up to get rid of the poison" :D


So IRL, some people get motion sick on ships, planes and in cars. Other people never experience this at all. In my home, I get car and boat sick, and my girlfriend has never tried to be motion sick.

But now with VR, I can take everything, even flying dogfights with loops and all, while the GF is suddenly sick and have to lie down when flying in VR. Why is the roles reversed from real life transportation?


I guess its pretty logical?  In a boat or car, your body moves, but the eyes can be fixed on something that does not match the movement. But in VR, your body is still, and it is you eyes that see a lot of movement. Same sickness but 2 different situations. I can handle VR where my inner ear balance is calm, while my GF can handle real life motion and I cant.


And then combined with PC gaming ecperience. I think this has a lot to say - playing a lot of PC games for many years, have made me immune/used to the eye motion, but calm ear balance. I don't know if this has all been proven and tested, but I think it makes sence. Are you an experienced gamer, then you have a higher tolerence to VR movement.


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So i never got motion sickness in IRL transportation


But VR is kinda different... Im not sick while teleporting in Game (i do it a loot in roboRecall). But when i go in game like Pavlov or Compound im being very sick at begining

After few weeks of using VR im not feeling any sickness and then i tried new "Freedom Locomotion VR" who is claimed sickness free which make me very sick like Pavlov on first start.

So my conclusion from my observation is that motion sickness come from not matching moving ingame and where you want to go.


Additional question? What you do in job(like work in transportation where is your body static but everything outside is moving or you are waiter what request a lot walking)

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Maintaining 90 fps is also important. But motion sickness can occur when you move in VR but do not move in real life. It's due to a sensory conflict and mismatch between what you see in VR and the information you receive through your vestibular system. It's why roomscale VR + teleportation is supported in so many experiences. You get to actually move around instead of standing or sitting still :) Also many users have trouble with sideways motion visualization (d-pad/strafing) in VR, since it's movement that is perpendicular to their viewpoint. It's best to have the user move in the direction that they are looking to avoid motion sickness. 



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For motion sickness, here's one to try, it's kind of a slow (very slow) roller coaster going through a abstract world, this will allow you to easily judge at what point you start feeling ill, if it's looking up / down or side to side or looking back as your moving forward, it lasts between 10 to 15 minutes (sitting or standing).

It's a freebie and available on Oculus Home..... it's called "ARTAAL"

Regards: Jack

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The only two that I have had problems with in VR are:


1 - Blueshift - You're on what I think is the moon, flying with some jets on your arms, but you don't have quite enough thrust to clear any obstacle without planning. The first thing I did in the game was get some pretty good speed going and slammed into the side of the crater that I was trying to fly out of. I could tell before I hit that it was going to effect me, so I closed my eyes. That helped.


2 - Redout demo - I was really zooming along in that racer and it got to me.


Neither one of them got me bad enough that I had to puke or lay down for a couple hours or anything like that, but on both of them I was glad to exit the game. I got better on subsequent plays of Blueshift, but as for Redout, I never returned and crossed the full version off my wish list. Maybe I will try it again tonight.

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