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Enable Night Mode for Vive Pro 2


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Hi Vive Console devs!

I get really frustrated playing at night sometimes -- it's clear that the blue light is getting to me and preventing me from falling asleep. Other headsets support SteamVR settings such that they can have a night mode that reduces blue light output. The Vive Pro 2 and Vive Cosmos do not, because of Vive Console.

In the ViveVRServer runtime default.vrsettings there are "EnableNightmode", "nightModeBlue", "nightModeGreen", and "nightModeRed". These don't work.

I don't even necessarily need a complete solution of all the SteamVR night mode stuff working, because it's clear to me that a lot of the other stuff wasn't set up to be enabled and won't be. But at a minimum, please just enable the functionality that you clearly already have implemented in the Vive Console. I just want to turn down the blue light without having to buy a physical filter.

Alternatively, if anyone does have a way of getting it to work, please let me know.

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