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Error code 213 with HTC Vive Pro Eye


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I recently acquired an HTC Vive Pro Eye that I want to run on my laptop. As I don't have a DisplayPort (normal or mini) on my laptop, I bought a DisplayPort to usb-c 4k 3840x2160 60Hz adapter.

The device is recognized by the computer as an additional screen that I can configure as "Extend Display". However, steamVR doesn't detect it and return an error 213. The Viveport installation of the headset detect the usb connection, but not the DisplayPort connection.

I checked that the usb-c port is directly connected to the NVIDIA graphics card. It is also capable of supporting DisplayPort 1.4. I have tried to activate the Direct Display Mode. To repair the headset from steamVR. The HTC Vive check config program detect no problem except that the graphic card is a bit light. The laptop is new, The VR headset also (and work on another computer with a Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable) and the cable Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable (use for this computer) is the one in the Vive box.

I don't understand why steamVR and Viveport don't detect the headset normally, while it is detected as a screen. Someone can help me to fix the problem.


SteamVR error:

Laptop: Headset Display Disconnected. Please make sure your video cables are securely connected to your laptop. Laptops may require special setup to work with VR

When I click on "more information" the website for the 208 error appear.

Laptop config:


Version of driver for graphic card : 15-12-21 (

Adapter config:


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