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base station v1 connection failure


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Hello, I have an issue that 1 of 2 base stationg stopped working, its recognizeble in base station power management, but says "connection failure. click refresh to try again"

I've tried to reset firmware but didnt help. idk what can I do, searched alot but no solution 


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@bst 1.0 or 2.0 stations? What do you mean by when you enable "only this one". Generally - SteamVR should be giving you some specific error messages if the station is broken.

If 1.0, try unplugging the good station, and try the station while it's set to mode A and see if you can get tracking out of it.

If 2.0 stations, use a paperclip to press the pinhole on the back of the affected station while it's plugged in. Give it a few presses - this will manually index the station  Be very careful not to move the station around too much. This will eliminate the possibility that there is a channel conflict.

I also recommend taking your smartphone camera and holding it up to the base-station. You should be able to see two dots where the lasers are being emitted from. If you only see one, or you see none - that might mean the base-station isn't emitting. This is true with both 1.0 and 2.0 stations, but on 1.0 stations, there will be an array of 9 sync LEDS.




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