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VR Web Content and Vive Pro 2 (Chrome / Edge OpenXR)


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Hello, thank you for an amazing headset.

Should web VR experiences "just work" when using Chrome on Windows 10 with SteamVR and Vive Console?

Everything worked for me in December and now I cannot launch any VR content. Looking into it, it seems like browsers have shifted from an earlier WebXR spec to OpenXR. I've tried a bunch of stuff, but wanted to check to see if this is even supposed to work.

For details of my versions installed: https://github.com/immersive-web/webxr-samples/issues/142

Thanks for the sanity check.

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@ozten WebXR is in a bit of a sad place because of Google's depriortization of XR, and Firefox's layoffs. It's still progressing - it's just getting a small fraction of the resources as the game engine side of the industry.

I haven't had luck with chrome and WebXR in some time outside of Oculus' fork of chromium they use in the Quest Browser.

I just tested and can't get WebXR to work with any of my SteamVR headsets (including ones that don't require Vive Console) on the current Chrome - same problem as you. I'm not aware of what steps might be required to get SteamVR linked up on the current chrome build.

I was able to get WebXR to work perfectly with Firefox with Vive Pro 2 via SteamVR without any fuss - it just works as you said. That's using all of the current APIs and working perfectly with SteamVR so that leads me to think it's a Chrome specific issue.


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