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Suggested online site..."Rec Room"

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There were a couple of you that suggested "Rec Room" as a program to download when I first received my Vive. I want to second that suggestion. I have had a blast in Rec Room and I find most of the adults there are very helpful in getting started.


Yes, there are kids in Rec Room whose silliness is annoying but to go into the different area's and learning the different games is truly awesome. Robotron, a very cool shooter game. The treasure game, battling different fireball shooting robots, is also tons of fun.


My favorite is Disc golf. I scored -4 on the one with the fans, which is incredible. Lining up a foursome for some golf is a lot of fun, plus some great camaraderie.


It's kind of interesting that about two thirds of the participants are using oculus, with the remainder using Vive. All good though, everyone seems to be having fun.


If any of the forum members here would like to get into Rec Room and need an adult fellow Vive brother to get them started, I'd be happy to do so, just let me know. I have met friends from different parts of the world and most have been really courteous.


I will say that I'm having a blast with the Vive. My advice to you is don't be shy. Have all the fun you can have. Take the leap and take care, Cpt. Good

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One of the best games in VR and i would be happy to pay for it. 
We do a lot of recording for the Helixx show in Rec room and the devs have really supported us and we even have our own t-shirts for the show. 

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