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Vive Flow - not a great start


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It seems like the Vive Flow could be a great headset, but is let down by unfinished software. I've found that after the euphoria of receiving the device it has now remained in its case for over a month. The specific use case that was given (relaxation experiences) works well sat up, but is completely useless when lying down as you can't switch between experiences without sitting up.

The phone controller setup is cumbersome at best and too fiddly. It usually takes me a number of attempts to locate the correct area on the screen.

The software feels unfinished and very basic.

Coupled with slow software updates and a complete lack of community engagement (on here),  means that (for me at least) this new headset completely misses the mark.

I'll probably give it a few more months to see if things improve and then list it on eBay.

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Yeah honestly I haven't been using mine at all.  I love the form factor.  The weak chip, garbage software and lack of a controller make it useless to me. It needs optimization and a controller.  The phone is by far the worst way to interact with VR I've ever used.


I own a Vive 2016, Index 2021 and the Flow.


I'm really hoping that HTC puts some care into this thing as it would be so easy to love.

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I agree completely. It's over 2 months since I posted this. I've had the Flow out of its case once for 5 minutes. There's been no firmware updates, no new apps. Great form factor, everything else is a big miss.

Come one HTC, get this sorted.

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