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Vive Focus 3 PC streaming looks very soft


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I'm coming from a Quest 2, which frankly, looks pretty amazing with Airlink cranked up to the max resolution. I was expecting even better with the Focus 3 given it's nearly 70% higher resolution but unfortunately it looks far worse, even with the resolution upped to 2448x2448 in the settings files, and bitrate to 150Mbps. Does anyone in here have both headsets and have compared? If there's a setting I've missed I'd greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Thanks!

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I've been playing around with the resolutions and if I set to a high res like 3456x3456 it gets clear, similar to the quest 2....BUT, it's formatted all wrong so I can only see part of the screen. Please, HTC, fix this and enable the option for high res streaming!

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