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Using the Vive as individual or joined Display


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I was wondering if i could use the vive displays as seperate or joined displays, to test stereoscopic scenes on them. 
The background for that is, that i am making a game which will be used on an HMD which doesn't have head tracking or any steamvr capabilities. 
It's just a headset with two displays, which are also connected to the pc as such and i can either display images on each eye individually or i can join them into one display using something like AMD eyefinity and then displaying side-by.-side images.

I would be very thankfull if anybody has an answer for that question.


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@Temeos With SteamVR headsets, everything is currently built around the usage of a an OpenVR/SteamVR driver and it's not really practical to directly interface with the displays. The optics chain in current headsets require the image being sent to the panels to be fairly warped and distorted and that's one of the key responsibilities of the OpenVR driver.

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