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Extending cables?


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Hi guys..

I got 3x4 meter (9x12feet) floor space for roomscale.

But the PC is a short way away from the space, so I need the cable to be around 3m(9-10 feet) longer.


Now I have seen some youtube videos about this, and found some forum threads. However everyone link to what to buy on amazon. - But I live in Denmark, and I cannot really order from Amazon. - So can you give me some specific stats that the cables need?


I had a spare 2,5 meter HDMI that I tested. It works 100% for gaming on PC and 3D. It also worked for VR, but I noticed small pixel flickering, that I believe is data loss? So what kind og special HDMI and USB cables do I need, so I dont get problems? 

Can I buy more of the original cables and use those?


Also - do the new extention cables connect to the short original cables, or go directly to the "box" on the floor?


Any help is much appreciated. 

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Hi ,


You have a lot of space there - that's about what we use at shows, so should be great. That said, at shows, our PC/laptop tends to be close nearby, so we can use the in-box cables.


Here is a user-created cable guide over on Reddit, which lists various HDMI and USB cables that are longer than the normal set. You can connect directly to your PC if you like. Bear in mind if you end up with separate cables, you'll need to cable-tie them together.


Hope it works out for you. The alternative is obviously to move the PC closer!

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Hi Rock


Thx for your help!

Yesterday I took a chance and went to a store to buy some cables, hoping they would work.

Spend around 100$ - and they work perfectly. So problem solved.


Got 3 ekstra meter, so good cable reach now =)

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In the Vive Business edition page, they refer to a 5m extension kit but I do not see it for sale anywhere. Wonder how far you can extend. I think USB has a problem around 30 feet. Don't know about HDMI. I need about 30 feet or so to be able to get the headset to my bed so I can watch movies on Bigscreen beta. Hmmm. Actually about 15 feet wireless, through the floor, might get me to the recliner. :smileywink:

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Hi  will another set of 3 in 1 cables https://www.vive.com/au/accessory/3-in-1-cable/

and another link box https://www.vive.com/au/accessory/link-box/ work as an extension ?

We have a business edition with the 5m extension box and cable at another one of our Digilab locations  which works perfectly and that just seems to be an extra link box and cable. 

I'm very keen to know as we would like to purchase them too.

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