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SRanipal Data Analysis

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Hi Wenbai!

I am sorry to dissapoint you, but this topic is Unity based. Therefore not so many people here would know how to help you. Hopefully I am wrong and someone will help you solving this problem here, but I would suggest to you that you write in some UE based topics.

Best regards,


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Hi! everybody

I am graduate student and beginner on Unity.

I have been trying to load eye data from HMD with Unity for 4 week.

Now I can see my eye position and gaze ray in sample avatar.(in sample1), I don't know why smaple2 is not working..

But I cannot load eye data with Unity.

I am using Matta's prcess and Eyetracker code(매우 감사합니다 마티아)

first problem is that.

error CS0119:'SRanipal_Eye_v2.CallbakBasic'is a type which is not valid in the given context.

coud you help me

Have a nice day


제목 없음.png

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Hi, I am currently in the process of developing an application for VR that seeks to integrate the functionalities of eye tracking and facial tracking. The primary objective is to detect users' facial expressions and accurately portray them on an avatar within the application. I have successfully accomplished this using the provided Avatar_Shieh_V2 prefab from the samples.

I am reaching out to kindly inquire about the recommended steps to replace the existing avatar prefab with a VRM file created using VRoid, while ensuring compatibility with the predefined facial expression parameters within the openXR framework. Any guidance or tutorials, particularly from HTC, would be greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, I am curious to know if HTC offers alternative realistic avatar models for developers beyond the currently used Avatar_Shieh_V2 model.

Thank you for your assistance and consideration. Your insights will be invaluable as I continue to enhance and refine my application.

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