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Vive Pro 2 - No NVIDIA HD Audio


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long time reader, first time poster. Time to change that 🙂 Got my Vive Pro 2 yesterday after i decided to upgrade from a Vive Pro 1. Yeah i know, i already miss the AMOLED-Black. I'm quite happy with it (but my eyes need time to adjust to the new sweetspot) and gone through the tweaks i found via reddit like Auto brightness off, AutoRes off, 10mm facemask (lucky the Kiwis from my Pro still work), but i'm missing the Nvidia HD Audio Sound. 

With the Pro 1 i had the Speakers (Vive Pro Multimedia Audio) and Nvidia High Definition Audio (Vive Pro) as sound sources and that was wonderful, as i used the Nvidia one to stream my gamesound via obs and the "Speakers" for everything that should not be on stream, like teamspeak, other browsers and stuff. Basically the speakers audio was over USB, the Nvidia audio over Displayport.

Thats missing now, the Nvidia Control Panel states, that the Vive Pro 2 Linkbox (2.0) isn't an audio capable display. I've reinstalled the drivers, even with DDU but to no avail. i also reinstalled SteamVR and the Viveconsole, cleared all SteamVR-drivers via developer options and rebooted way too often. I used all cables that came with the Pro 2, nothing from the Pro 1 remained.

Whats left to try is connecting my Pro 1 to the Linkbox 2.0 and watch what happens then, but i'll need to do this when i'm home.

Is it normal with the Pro 2 to only have the USB-Audio? In more or less direct comparsion the audio from my Pro 1 sounded a bit better with the sound over the graphics card.
Is the Vive Console interfering with the DP-Audio?


Now for the relevant Specs:

Lastest SteamVR-Beta (1.21.8)
Latest Vive Console Beta (
Latest Nvidia Driver (511.79)
Graphics card: Asus Rog Strix GTX 3080TI OC

Google wasn't really helpful in finding anything related to that, so maybe someone here has any idea.

Ty :)

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