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Get unity world coordinates of sranipal gaze direction and origin coordinates


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Hi, I am trying to follow what a user is looking at in a unity world scene, more precisely I am using a lineRenderer which needs 2 points to be drawn, the first point would be the gaze origin that I get from SRanipal sdk using structure.combined.eye_data.gaze_origin_mm (where structure contains the verbose data), the end point would be the gazeOrigin+gazeDirection * lengthOfLine (where I used structure.combined.eye_data.gaze_direction_normalized). The problem is that it does not work It gets me a point far where it shold be. I heared that unity uses a left-handed coordinate system whereas SRanipal uses right-handed coordinate system so I tried to manipulate the vectors but I still did not manage to achieve it, here is a screenshot of my code ? can I have some directions please ?



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