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unreal 4 - sometimes controllers don't work ?


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I use a Focus 3 Headset and Unreal 4.26.2

I don't understand why sometimes, even if VR view works, I can't use the controllers (by doing the same things).

I use this tool :



first of all I add a "Motion Controller Map" and secondly I close unreal, copy/paste the plugin file with wave sdk in the file of the project  https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-wave/download/latest/

Thus, I open the project and launch VR. By doing this, I always see the VR view in the headset, but sometimes controllers work and sometimes they don't.

PS : I tried to use "SteamVR input" option, but no change appeared (and I don't know to use it) ; Steam VR plugin is activated


Could you please help me ?

ps : the headset works well with steamVR and Vive Streaming

Thanks in advance for your return.

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From my understanding is that in some cases you are unable to use you controllers? From your description, the controller setups should be fine  by using the motion controller component and you should be able to see the controllers at all times.

Make sure VIVE Wave is the only VR pluging enabled. Turn off all other VR plugins especially OculusVR and SteamVR to prevent conflict.

Is OpenXR plugin enabled ?

You can Direct Preview available in Wave SDK if you would like to test directly from the editor.


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