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Cosmos - Can not connect to DisplayPort at setup + Headset Not Detected Error


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I'm having a set up issue with my Cosmos w/ link and 1660 Ti with single monitor.  During the setup I get stopped at the detection phase. 

Link - Green light comes on, red light comes on headset, all cables appear secure.  I've tried taking everything out and replacing and powering off/on. Checked for system updates, updated VIVE console and rebooted.

USB - Setup eventually confirms the USB, though suggests a 3.0 connection.  I checked the Device for system and it does show USB 3.0 available.  I've tried multiple USB ports built into motherboard and top-of-case USB by headphones jack.  Windows does make the "connected/disconnected" noise if I turn the link on/off. 

DisplayPort - Setup will spin for awhile then do a popup instructions (showing not to plug into the motherboard displayport, instead use graphics card port.)  I've tried other slots on graphics card.  Never connects or confirms.

VIVE Console - Error 001 : Headset is not connected.


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