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Lighthouse showing 3 red LEDs and dropping frames after firmware update


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TLDR; Post Firmware Update, my vive is dropping an excess of frames and Lighthouse B only has 3 visible red LEDs instead of the original 9.


Tracking seems to be working fine, the only noticable issue is the dropped frames. Does anyone have any input on the issues I am experiencing?



Yesterday I finally got to play with my Vive and everything worked great for the first session.


After installing firmware updates on the lighthouses and controllers, I noticed that frames were immediately dropping in excess when just viewing the SteamVr Menu. I also noticed that one of my lighthouses (I think it was on B) was no longer displaying 9 red LEDs. It was now displaying 6. Eventually, the visible red LEDs dropped to 3. I believe this occurred after attempting to power-cycle the lighthouse.


So far, I have been unable to locate any similar issues online, thus I am posting in-case this is a first. 

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Could you please take a photo of the basestation? I'd like to see it.
Regardless, I'm happy to help you troubleshoot this or go through a repair process if necessary.


Thank you,

-John C

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