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Constant Headset issues, do I need a new cable?


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I posted about this a week ago but the post got deleted for some reason?

I bought a new Vive Pro headset in March 2020 and the right earphone kept cutting out. I tried tightening the screw under the headband and this helped a little but I got frustrated with it cutting out all the time and I just had a baby so I didn't have time to use it. Just started using it again and the earphone issue was worse, until I realized it would work if I had the visor slid out away from my eyes to an exact distance. I also noticed that the eye distance knob didnt' do anything, twisting it would bring up the distance for a second but would never change it. If I couldn't get the earphone working by adjusting the eye-piece in and out to find the exact spot where it worked sometimes it would start working again if I pushed the data cable into the headset port VERY HARD.

Does this sound like an issue with the cable or did I just get a defective headset?

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