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New to HTC Vive looking for mount help

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So my theater room where planning on setting up my Vive is 22' x 25'.  Only way I see I can mount these would be on the ceiling.  Then I could get them around the 16' apart from each out.  Are the mounts that came with unit ok for ceiling mounting or is there something better?


Also since going be in the middle of the Home Theater room I really don't want to run a 16' sync cable across the ceiling.  I would be a huge eye sore!  Is the cable needed?


Also for the power for these Base Stations what are plug sizes?  I might need to buy some kind of extension to run to them.

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     Hi , it's super cool that you're able to dedicate so much space for a Vive setup; I know many people who would kill for a setup that large. That said, large spaces do present unique challenges and push the limits of the current hardware spec. The lighthouses themselves have two components: an active laser component and a stationary LED component that flashes and provides optical sync between the two base stations.

     The limiting factor in the system is the range of the stationary LED's which drops off at around the recommended max of 16 feet  (due to the inverse square law). The sync cable allows you to extend beyond that distance and is required for setups past a certain distance. That said, most experiences, as well as the current iteration of SteamVR, are not designed with larger spaces in mind so you may have software issues relating to the software environment completely independent of Vive hardware.

     The base stations have a female 5.5mm x 2.1mm (inner positivity) plug. Be careful when purchasing AC adapters since they're often manufactured very cheaply. An extender like this should work (but is untested on our end). You'll also likely need to extend the HMD's cable which can be challenging as well (you'll need active cables and not all cables work due to manufacturing variations).

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