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ViVE 2 Pro - display changes to black (for a second) or for grey (for a longer time) each session with still working audio and everything else in the background


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Practically new headset - bought one week ago in one of the media shops in Poland. My problem  is exactly as described in the title of the post. 

Every session my HMD display randomly turns black for a second every 2-3 minutes or  sometimes  turns  grey for a longer time and then comes back to normal. It is not connected with standby mode, it  can happen just after turning the VR on  - in SteamVR home.

All original cables are used. No problem with base stations or hand controllers. 

It happens in every resolution I can choose - from balanced to extreme mode. I tried everything: software reinstalling, swapping display ports, usb ports (from one 3.0 to another 3.1, from 3.0 to 2.0), nvidia drivers reinstalling, USB drivers reinstalling , changing AC outlet for linkbox adapter etc)

So it looks for example like that:   normal work (sometimes 10 seconds, sometimes one minute) - green led on headset suddenly turns red/orange for a sec and quickly comes back green but the display remains grey for a long time , then again led turns orange/red and display comes to normal. I had one 2-3 hour session without any problem but I dont know if it was after the headset was already turned on for half an hour or so. 

So I contacted VIVE support , sent  all the reports, wrote all the answers for questions and  first suggestion was to use another (sent by support) main headset cable. Unfortunately it didn't resolve the problem. 

What do you suggest as my next step?


Windows 11, ROG Maximus extreme XII mobo , ROG RTX 3080, 64GB RAM 



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On 3/11/2022 at 3:17 AM, Suprim Pink said:

Saw this post a week ago https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/t32ybr/vp2_experiencing_random_and_persistent_blackouts/

Just as you mentioned, this guy got some random blackscreens as well. He solved his problem by swapping the mini dp cable. Might as well give it a shot?


Thanks  mate. Unfortunately in my case it didnt work. Beside of everything I ve tried before I tried also changing the main cable (HMD-linkbox), swapped USB3.0 and miniDP cables with premium ones and still the same. I cannot explain why sometimes it happens only in the first half an hour of using the HMD, and after that I can play one or two hours without any issue. Of course I am not able to try another linkbox, linkbox AC adapter or HMD - so now the decision is to make by support. What I know is that I will not  change this product for any other, so even if they refund all the costs I will buy another Vive pro 2 full kit.   

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