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Vive Trackers as Movements.


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Hello, I am new to the platform and just want to ask if it would be possible to use the trackers aside from full body tracking to "movements"? I've struggling to find some articles that satisfies my need. I'm currently using HTC Vive Cosmos Elite. Thank you for your kind answers.

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Depending of your use case, yes it is possible.

On my side, using Unreal Engine I can set up a VRPawn using a MotionControllerComponent (With a Tracker_[RoleInSteamVr] source) that gives me the position and rotation in Unreal World Space with respect to real-world distances between HMD / Controllers.
I Use 2 trackers, one for locating a turret-like object base, another one attached on the turret for computing the facing rotation.

I am actually investigating how OpenVR API is working for a network-calibration solution and if you are using OpenVR, once you find the tracker's ID you can simply get their poses.

Hope it helps !

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