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Base Stations not going to sleep


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I just got the Vive few days ago and installed it all yesterday.  Wow!


I updated all the devices firmware so it's current as of today.  I am using this bluetooth doogle with my system:




It seems to work fine since I could update firmware on Base Stations and pair with my iPhone.


I have all the settings in SteamVR turned off to put Base Stations to sleep.  However they don't even seem to sleep.  This is making a big issue since the Vive is installed in our Theater room and the IR blast from them has pretty much killed my Harmory Remote I use to control my whole Theater.


Any ideas what might be cause and how can fix?  Unplugging the Bases each time would be very hard with way all our electrical is hidden.



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The Vive has Bluetooth built into the link box, if I'm not mistaken. If I were you I would get rid of the dongle and see if the Vive software will work with the Vive hardware that it is expecting to find.


Another thing, on mine, both of the relevant settings are "On", i.e. checkmarked, for use Bluetooth and Put base stations to sleep.


When I enter SteamVR I estimate the base stations turn on within 30 seconds and are ready after about another 30. When I Quit SteamVR, I estimeate the base stations turn off in about 2 minutes.


I have no other Bluetooth hardware installed on my PC so I know mine is using that which is built into the Vive.


I went a couple of months before I knew there was an option to have the base stations go to sleep. Needless to say, so I felt pretty stupid having left them run all that time.


Good luck.

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In the SteamVR settings for the bluetooth sleep modes, make sure you use the install drivers for this bluetooth device or chances are it will not work. I agree with the previous poster, I don't have bluetooth on my computer so the bluetooth must be part of the break out box or the Vive headset itself thus requiring appropriate drivers.

Regards: Jack

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