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FOV Popping Vive Pro 2


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@GAMEDRIXThat sounds like some type of rendering or software side issue. Sometimes interpolation can get wonky when your framerate is really low. 

These tend to get PC-specific quickly. It could be a needle in a haystack to try and isolate it between SteamVR, drivers, and other potential causes.

A clean install of Windows is sometimes the fastest way to try and approach more complex issues like this. Lets you start from scratch and removes alot of variables. 

I don't see a clear link between No Man's Sky, SteamVR, and Recroom. All 3 are different game engines.

If you're overclocking your GPU, revert to stock speed. If you see weird rendering artifacts in other 2D games, it's possibly a bad GPU, but this sounds VR specific. 


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