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Setting the larger icon for the Focus 3 menu in Unreal


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In UE4, I'm interested in setting the larger image (top), not the smaller image (bottom) of the app.



The way you set the smaller image is by going to Project Settings > Platforms > Android an then under Icons set the XHDPI Icon (it's 96x96 pixels) as seen below.  I tried to change every icon and launch image from the android settings, but none of them are linked to that bigger image pictured above.  Does anyone know how to do this in Unreal Engine 4?


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Hi @nbaja

The Android APK only includes app icon and that is what you see displayed in your library. The Scaled-up icon (thumbnail) is from the server side since it is the thumbnail of the store app. So, you will need to submit your app to the store to get the icon to fill the entire area.

Hope this helps !

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