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SRanipal Unreal Engine 5 SDK update timeline

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Now that Unreal Engine 5 has officially released and is production ready.

Is there a timeline for when the SRanipal SDK will be updated?

I'm currently using the Vive Pro Eye in Unreal Engine version 4.26, but I can find any information on a 5.0 update.

Any information would be a huge help.

Thanks in advance

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Hi guys 

I am a beginner on eye-tracking. May I ask some basic question?

How can I read or get some data or information from SRanipal? I use UE4. 

The thing is that I clicked the pack log on SRanipal logo and out put a .zip file, but I cant open or unzip it. Did I do something wrong?

Or is there any possible for me just use UE4 blueprint script to get all things out?

Dose someone may help me on that? Thanks so much.

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