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VIVE Focus can be compatible with the INSTA360 pro2


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I would be interested in the same question. I would guess, if the video generated by an Insta360 pro 2 cam is rendered in post production in the correct format and with the right codec, it should be watchable in the Vive Video app, right?

Live streaming might be another issue, according to the App Store Vive Video supports HLS streaming in .m3u8 format. In the worst case your could stream to Youtube and then watch in Firefox Reality. How well this works with

Focus 3 (since Firefox quited working on the Reality browser some time ago, but thats another issue) I dont know. I would be interested to get Vive feedback on that issue, since we plan to use 3D VR videos for teaching on Focus 3 in the near

future and also planned to purchase a Insta360 Pro2 for that purpose.


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