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Vive controllers have really weak vibration/haptic after about 20 hours usage


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I have had my Vive for 5 day now and really like it, however I have noticed the vibrations on both controllers are now extremly weak, after perhaps 20 hours of usage. Im sure they were much stronger when I first used them (last Satuday) and my friends which are about a month old feel much stronger in the same games.


Is there a vibration strength settings somewhere??


The vibraiton/haptic is more "audible" than "feelable" for some reason now.




I purchased mine with a 2year warrantly through JBHiFi (Perth, Australia)

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Hi, I am assuming you're keeping them charged. If you're noticing the controllers aren't behaving the same as before, you could try returning to the original reseller.
I'm not aware of any haptic feedback settings.


-John C

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Yes I was thinking about returning it for a replacement but im not sure how they would be able to test and varify my claims?


This store it not setup for Vive Demo and testing.


Iv read alot about this problem online, seems like alot of people are having issues with Vive controller virbations motors...

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