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Vive Wireless adapter on Computer without screen


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Hello there,

I am working on a little simulation bay where I have a master computer and 2 worker computers. The worker computers have the Vive Wireless adapters installed and when I plug the HMDI in the worker computers, the Headset is detected and works fine.
However, the final workflow would be to have no hdmi / screen connected to the worker computers and they could be accessed through windows's "Remote connection" utility.
The issue is that when there is no screen connected such as at startup when the vive wireless app launches at boot or when i launch it manually through windows's "Remote connection" utility, the headset is detected but doesnt work and asks to check the cable between the vive wireless adapter and the HMD.
I am pretty sure this isn't the issue since i can simply re-connect a screen using a HDMI cable, restart the vive wireless adapter software and it would work fine again.

Are there any workaround for this issue ?

Thanks !

Small visual representation of the setup (Yeah my paint skills are definitly not great)

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@Dominique -

I think I follow you. There is a display plug emulator called a Headless Ghost that is really helpful for situations VR computers that won't have a real monitor connected to them.

Maybe this might help if it's the lack of a monitor that's tripping up the setup?

It's helped in similar situations in the past with SteamVR in general - but I can't verify it helps with this specific problem and Vive Wireless.

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