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Send Data on micro USB port of VIVE tracker

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First of all, Im sorry if my english isnt perfect because its not my native language.

Im currently working on a kind of 3 axis joystick accessorie who will be tracked by a vive tracker and I want to send the data of the axis through the micro USB port of the vive tracker and i saw its possible.

While im writing this post, I have a 100% working HID joystick made with a MCU PIC18f2553 and he is made with 3 potentimeter, each corresponding at one axis of the "joystick" (X,Y and Z).


So my question is : What should i do to get the data of my joystick on my pc (either on unity or directly as a joystick on my pc, i dont mind while I'm getting information) ? Do I have just to plugged my device in the vive tracker (with an external VCC i guess) or I need to make some modification in my code/my report descriptor ?


I saw in Datasheet something about Feature descriptor so I will investigate on this but If someone already have to deal with the data transfert through micro USB and he can help me, I will be be grateful.


Thank you and have a nice day

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     Hi Azurwakstaken, you should be able to use the Vive tracker's microUSB to transfer the joystick data granted that you have correctly set up the PIC18F. Have you already created the firmware for the 18F and are able to communicate with the device through Windows? Are you planning on Window's generic HID driver? This tutorial may be relevant to you depending on how far along you are with the joystick... 

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