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Vive VR world turns white


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My Vive has been working fine since I got it in January. I don't get to play it very much, but a few hours per week probably.


The last couple of weeks I have been havig a problem where I'll be playing and the whole world goes to a whiteout. Sometimes it is out for less than a second, sometimes longer. I suspect that it is losing tracking of the HMD when this happens but I can't prove it.


Even the short whiteouts are enough to totally ruin the immersion and whatever game/experience I am playing plus the enemy frequently shoots or kills me while I am blind. I've tried repositioning my base stations a little and re-running room setup and changing the orientation but I have not fixed the problem. I also tried shutting down all apps including AV.


During the same time period, I can recall updates from Steam, Nvidia, and Microsoft and I think Vive, being installed, so no telling what damage that did.


Maybe I just lucked out at the beginning but now that I'm paying more attention there are lots of times that I am facing away from the base stations. What's the deal? Do both base stations need to see the front of the HMD at all times or just one? What is the relevevant part of the HMD and hand controllers? Is it the little circles?


Thanks for ideas.



p.s. I'm running an i7-3770K at 3.5GHz, 16GB RAM, Zotac 1080, all SSD. I know the CPU is a bit dated but it's really been working fine until recently.

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