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Lenovo Legion 5-17 how to connect to Vive cosmos? No displayport hdmi

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I have a big problem, I can not connect the headset vr to the computer because it does not have a displayport connector. In the manual I found that only USB-C has displayport 1.2. Is it possible to connect the headset to this computer?

Lenovo Legion 5-17 Ryzen 5/32GB/1TB/Win11X RTX3060 144Hz

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@Aleksandra I can't pull info for a specific model number for that one.

You'll need to find the specific model number and then contact the manufacturer and ask if any of the USB-C ports:

1) Support Displayport 1.2+ signaling

2) Are connected to the Nvidia dGPU

If so, you can try to find a USB-C -> Displayport adapter that's 4K+ and high bandwidth. We've had success with the Club-3D CAC-1507 - adapters with similar specs have a good chance of working (4K @ 60Hz, 20gbps+).

Within Nvidia's PhysX settings page, you can get a sense for your laptop's port mappinghttps://content.invisioncic.com/n286256/monthly_2020_04/image.thumb.png.4c979bdba29d7dfe7dbe0c8a2dd133e8.png

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