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VIVE Trackers conflict with cameras of motion capture system


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Hi Ruiying.

I am about to do a user study using a vive and vicon setup.

I haven't turned on the vicon system yet as I've just gotten access to the vicon lab where I work.

Did you find any work around to your problem or is it a case that both systems are incompatible due to IR light spill?

Any work around or advice would be great.

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, Vicon and other IR based tracking systems tend to not be compatible with Vives using SteamVR 1.0 tracking. I've heard developer reports that SteamVR 2.0 tracking can be used with a wider array of IR based tracking systems including Vicon due to the elimination of optical sync. 

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Hi, sorry for bumping this, but we're also getting this issue, but I believe I have a bit more info on the setup, here it goes:


We have 2 VIVE HMD from 2016 and 4 VIVE HMD from 2018 (not Pro), here's what happens when we setup VIVE in the same area as the Optitrack system (Prime13 cameras):

-Setup area with the 2018 base stations (3x3 LED array)

-Turn on Optitrack system, then this happens:

  -> 2016 VIVE works properly (even with the new base stations)

  -> 2018 VIVE looses tracking


Have the sensors also change for the HMD? 


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Any progress on this, I could use some advice on combining an OptiTrack (Prime13) system with a VIVE VR Setup (HMD/Controllers/Trackers).

I know that It is possible to sync both systems with the eSync2 but this only works for the BaseStation 1.0.

Any other combinations (VIVE 2016/2018 - BaseStation 1.0/2.0 - OptiTrack Exposure adjustments) that are proven to work well?

Kind Regards

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@Tomiha we would defer to OptiTrack for cross-compatibility support with their products. Since Optitrack has such a high entry cost, the number of people trying to hybridize our headsets with their tracking is rather limited and Optitrack's solution is highly proprietary to them. With their HMD conversion clips, instead of working alongside base station tracking they're instead providing a hardware solution to replace it and thus their business focus is not to hybridize the tracking systems but instead enable theirs.

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