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Unity Crash While Using Vive Console and Vive Pro 2 - Memory Leak?

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We have been developing with Unity and Vive for years. We recently switched over to the Vive Pro 2 when it came out (from the Vive Pro/Pro Eye) getting a few dozen artists and developers the headsets to use when developing in Unity.

We started seeing Unity crashes after going to play mode in Unity a couple of times. If we have Unity and Vive Console open, and we go into and out of play mode a couple of times, on the third or fourth time Unity will crash while trying to go to play mode.

We troubleshot different reasons why it would do this, including rolling back our dev builds, rolling back Unity, closing background apps, etc., but it seems to only happen if Vive Console is open with the Vive Pro 2  and we go into and out of play mode multiple times. We also tried other VR apps we have made, and a generic scene with nothing in it but the base Unity XR rig, and it happens for those as well. It kind of sounds like a memory leak of some sort.

We tried running play mode with apps not designed for VR with no issues, and we also ran Unity with our older headsets with no issue.

Has anyone else ran into this problem?

We are running Unity 2021.2.4 f1, 2021.1.0, 2020.1.0, and Vive Console We use the basic unity XR rig and XR Interaction Toolkit

Thanks in advance everyone!

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