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Vive Wireless WiGig card not seen in BIOS or Windows


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I've been experiencing issues with the WiGig card being not detected in BIOS or Windows. I've plugged it in to every single PCIe slot on my motherboard but the BIOS doesn't even recognize that anything is plugged in to the PCI slot.

I've tried everything i could find online. I switched PCI lanes to Gen 3, tried every PCI slot, set my PCI lane config on the x16 to x4x4x4x4, re-installed drivers, and anything else I could find.

The funny thing is: the blue status light is on. The board works and is getting power, but the BIOS can't see it.

I've also tried plugging the card into PCI lanes that lead direct to the CPU, but no dice.

Here's my system Specs:

AMD Ryzen 5 5600G MSI MPG B550 Gaming Plus motherboard MSI NVIDIA GTX1080 Corsair Vengeance 16GB RAM

Vive wireless worked perfectly on my old Intel system. I tried testing the card on it but the system is thoroughly ded.

Any ideas?

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