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Vive Cosmos - Unity 3D Development

Ryan Logan

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A couple of years ago, I got a Vive Cosmos with hand tracking up and running in an hour or two in Unity. In the mean time I have bee using mostly Oculus Rift S then Quest/Quest 2. All of these used a custom package to handle the basic  rig and hmd tracking etc.

I am going back to the VIve Cosmos for some development and it seems like things have gotten murky and now there are half a dozen ways to do everything. I would like to do it the right way (forward looking approach)  but I don't even know what that is at this point. OpenXR seems to be where things are headed but is it mature enough for the Cosmos?

For the basic Cosmos headset functions (tracking/rendering) in Unity3D what is the minimum requirement as far as packages or libraries....the documentation is very vague and lacking for pretty much all of this in my opinion. Is OpenXR package enough or are there additional packages I need?

I pulled in Open XR Plugin package. I set it as the provider. Just for a basic sanity check I am using the "ControllerSample" scene that comes with the OpenXR package. When I hit play, I get nothing...no response in headset or tracking etc. I am evidently missing something.

I have also seen this and maybe it is the better option.


Any input is appreciated.




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Well, I ended up just using the ViveInputUtility for integration.

I guess hand tracking comes by default with this integrtation. I have hands without even adding the "GestureProvider" script. Good thing this is all documented so well.

Also, Unity Editor crashes every debug run when I stop and seems to be related to the hand tracking...good times.

[ViveHandTrackingSubmodule] Detection stopped
[ViveHandTrackingSubmodule] StartGestureDetection fail. error:OpenCL

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