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VIVE Focus 3 Software 3.0.999.456 – Release Notes


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VIVE Focus 3 Software (FOTA 4.2) 3.0.999.456 – Release Notes
Released on May 20, 2022 

What’s new

  • Now supports Wi-Fi 6E in Canada and Hong Kong. 
  • Now supports scanning QR code to automatically enroll the headset to the VMWare MDM system.
    * The first time you turn on and set up the headset, press the headset button three times to activate the camera and scan the QR code.

Enhancements and fixes

  • Changed the behavior of how the headset closes 2D apps.
    * Background apps used by 2D apps can now be terminated at the same time, which helps free up resources.
  • Fixed a bug where the system would hang when the device shows the lock screen.
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How do you determine which countries to enable Wifi 6E for? Based on this list there are many countries that have either partially or fully adopted the standard, but are not supported by Vive. I don't understand the criteria that lead to support for Belgium (previous update) but not the rest of the EU. It seems arbitrary, can you elaborate?

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Understand that 6e can bring more cleaner channels to the network environment, which is why we continue to bring 6e to enable on focus 3 as many as we can based on the local radio regulators and certification progress. 

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