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How to download hand tracking SDK?


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I know it’s said to be a bit iffy, but I’d like to give the Vive hand tracking SDK a try. I haven’t downloaded an SDK like that before and the tutorials tab on the site is empty, so I’m at a loss. If anyone knows how or has a better method of setting up hand tracking for VRChat (outside of getting a new headset or new controllers) I’m open to suggestions as well! I use the Vive Pro and it’s controllers.

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I'm seeing the SDK itself and the Unity plugin, but it's not like these are things you can just attach to your avatar; they're tools for developers to implement hand tracking into their software.

You would need VRChat to support it natively, or a SteamVR driver that talks to the SDK.

Googling around the only project I can find thepinterestvideodownloader , but it only supports emulating a normal controllers basic input, not skeletal tracking ( yet ).

I can't find any examples of anyone having ever actually used vive pro's hand tracking inside vrchat, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's not a thing.

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