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Unity Focus 3 APKs Soft-locking Headset


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Hi all,

Just posting to look for any guidance about an issue we've recently run into with APKs we're building for the Focus 3 in Unity. A while ago we updated our Editor version to 2020.3.33 from 2020.3.26 and nothing seemed to break. However, I've since realized that APKs we build in anything 2020.3.33 or newer (including 2021.x releases) seem to soft-lock the Focus 3 headset into a black screen if this is the first time an APK with that namespace is being launched on that headset. If we build an APK with the same namespace in 2020.3.26 and launch it for the first time, all of the proper permissions dialogues, folder structures, etc. seem to execute correctly and we are then safe to install APKs built in newer versions of Unity over the previous version. But, if we were to delete the version installed on the headset at any time and then attempt a fresh install with the newer versions, the issue will persist and the only way to regain control of the headset is by cycling the power.

If these builds were just for internal-use only it wouldn't be a huge deal to just make note of this going forward and tough it out, but we need to upgrade Unity versions to make use of some of the features in 2021.x soon and any new builds that we try to push out via the VIVE Business Device Management System will break on any headsets we are enrolling for the first time.

I'm going to try reaching out to Unity about this as well but was wondering if anyone here had any similar troubles or if anyone from HTC would be able to hazard a guess about what may be going on under the hood and if there may be a way around it.


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