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Mount Lighthouse Tracking Units on Tripods?


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 Has anyone mounted their lighthouse tracking units on tripods and set them up on-demand? If so, any problems with wobbling from floor vibrations, or the need to constantly recalibrate the space each time you set them up?

Context: I have a Gen 1 HTC Vive, been sitting in a box for 18 months since buying a new house. Have a large open space with nowhere to mount the other tracking unit, and don't want to permanently mount to the ceiling - eye-sore. So, hence the box of shame 😞.

I have been considering buying some tall tripods, and setting up the stations when I want to use the Vive, and collapsing them for storage when I'm not. Before I buy tripods, wanted to see if anyone has done this. I suspect floor vibrations from my movement could cause wobble interference (and therefore nausea 🤢), and I might also have to go through calibration every time I use the system due to different positioning each time. Thoughts?

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