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basestation issue


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hey all I have a annoying problem I can't seem to solve,a few days ago one of my basestations booted up early one day by itself and kept doing so for ages,I found with that one that the power supply had packed up,I've now got and am using a universal power supply and it seems to be fine BUT, every other day at random times this one basestation cuts out,might be just once might be two or three times,I've tried running it in colder weater and when it's hot,same result either time.

It's a 1.0 basestation with the original vive,station has been up on the wall for the last four years and never had a issue till now,I've plugged in the sync cable now and am going to test over the next few days,would it be safe to say the station is on it's last legs? anyone any ideas I could try?

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