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     Yes, it is possible. That said, only a handful (but steadily growing) number of applications support true arcade style multiplayer where you can have multiple users in the same physical space without them bumping into each other but overall there are almost 200 released titles that support some form of multiplayer. It will take some experimentation to figure out what works for your specific setup. I've had success with HordeZ, Modbox, as well as popular things such as Pavlov and Onward. 

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Hey, I saw you already accepted 's solution, but I have different thought.

In my opinion, it is possible in theory but it doesn't really work at all.

Since your computer should render all three headsets, it should be needed super-power CPU & GPU.

I recommend that you have more PCs for each headset and play a multiplayer VR game together.


Hope this would be helpful.


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