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Options for pulley systems with portability in mind?


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First I'd like to acknowledge that existing wireless options are not viable for me right now.

I have an ITX system, and don't have a free PCI-E or M.2 slot, and I run Linux anyway, so I can't use the official wireless adapter.

I could run the TPCast with OpenTPCast, but from what I understand the TPCast only works with the OG Vive, and I hope to upgrade to a Pro 1 or Index, so I don't want to be stuck with a useless adapter.

I'm looking to use one of those cable pulley systems, but my ceilings are pretty high, and I'd like to keep my current setup as "portable" as possible: I already use tripods for the base stations.

Any thoughts? Only thing I've seen so far from searches is using some IKEA lamp stand that I can no longer find with a pulley system.

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... pulley systems don't stop you moving around your room... i have no idea what you are thinking in your head... 

Index is also trash, get a pro 2.. more advanced and better than an index and optional wireless..

and eitherway, both headsets have CABLES respectively... so yeah... a pulley system wont be like NOPE... now you can't move any more... also "Please is a nice word".. you want recommendations but wont say please.



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I'd want to start by saying that the wifi choices available at this time are not practical for me.

I can't use the official wifi adapter since I have an ITX system, no free PCI-E or M.2 slots, and Linux is my operating system of choice.

Although I could utilise OpenTPCast to operate the TPCast, I don't want to be trapped with a useless adapter as, as far as I know, the TPCast only functions with the original Vive. I intend to upgrade to a Pro 1 or Index.

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