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Turning your 2.0 base stations off with Bluetooth.


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My current motherboard does not support Bluetooth, so I have 2 questions.

How would I turn my base stations on standby with Bluetooth?

What Bluetooth dongle would work with the base stations?

I know I could easily unplug them, and replug after every time I use them, but if I can pay $20 for a Bluetooth dongle to fix that problem I gladily will. Thanks for the help everyone.

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@khunsu Basestation power management is handled by bluetooth radios and drivers in the linkbox and is completely independent of your motherboard. If you have a Vive, Vive Pro, or Vive Pro 2 Linkbox - you should be good to go as long as it's plugged in and powered on.

Alternatively if you have any home automation setup (e.g. Homekit), you can buy smart plugs, and then do additional automation on top of them. I personally use some homekit plugs because it lets me programatically turn them off everyday at a set time, and lets me integrate turning on the basestations into a broader voice command (e.g. "Link Start"!)

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