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DLL loading issues when Cosmos detected

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So, I'm deep down a debugging rabbit-hole debugging the effect that Vive drivers are having on my Unity application. 

At runtime, my Unity app loads mycustom.dll. And it can do this successfully, unless I've got Vive-console installed and a headset plugged in. 

It doesn't matter if I'm even trying to initialize OpenXR in Unity, if ViveOpenXR.dll can be found at runtime while a headset is plugged in, mycustom.dll can't be found. 

Historically, for us, 'Can't be found' actually means "You forgot to install an MSVC redist" but that doesn't make sense here, since the redists are fine obviously fine because it runs without the headset. 

According to our QA, this started happening around driver version x.20.x maybe x.19.x. Any leads? I've spent way more time on this than I've wanted to.  

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Well, I ended up at a solution. 

My OpenXR controller profile was out of date in Unity. (v0.1.0) so I updated that to v1.0.1 
Between that, and point releases of OpenXR plugin (1.3.0 -> 1.3.1), and the Plugin Manager itself (4.0.7->4.2.1), I'm back in a working state. 

Why that worked, I don't know. But ultimately it's on me for forgetting there even was a controller profile plugin. 

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