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Interested in your experiences as release notes indicate some improvements with motion smoothing.

The reason I took the trouble to post this here? For the first time I have actually been able to use Pro 2 with something like MSFS at 3k+ SteamVR SS at 90Hz and had acceptable (just) performance. For example, having everything at ultra in MSFS and game render at 100% of SteamVR SS or better.

Previously I had been running the Pro 2 at 120Hz and going with either 60fps max to avoid smoothing or just using a different headset(either Index or G1 depending on game orsimulation). To get decent performance at Ultra@90Hz came with too many compromises for me (on i9 9900k, RTX 3080).

Also, SteamVR can be closed without crashing! We really are living in the future!

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