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HTC Vive Pro (1.0) - cable compatibility


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I have the problem, that the cable of my HTC Vive Pro (1.0) is broken.

Unfortunately, the Cable for the Vive Pro is sold out everywhere: https://www.vive.com/eu/accessory/headset-cable-pro/

That is why I look for alternatives.

My question is:

Can I use my HTC Vive Pro (1.0) with a VIVE Headset Cable (2.0): https://www.vive.com/eu/accessory/headset-cable2-pro/

From the looks of it, the two cables look identical.

The description says: "Compatible with VIVE Pro series when paired with VIVE Link Box (2.0)"

From what I understand, that means, I can use the "VIVE Headset Cable (2.0)" together with my "HTC Vive Pro (1.0)" but I also need to update my Link Box to 2.0.

Is that correct?

Can I also use the "VIVE Headset Cable (2.0)" with my "HTC Vive Pro (1.0)" and the "VIVE Link Box (1.0)"?

Kind Regards



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Hello @AveryX

The second generation Vive cable connector/cable works across several headsets (Pro, Pro 2, Cosmos).

The linkbox however is a little more specific. A 1st generation linkbox, only works with the original Vive and are not compatible with the newer cable.

There are several varieties of 2.0 linkboxs: ones for Vive Pro and ones for Vive Cosmos. You can use either to drive the headset, but it's important to note that the linkboxes that ship with the base model of Vive Cosmos do not have bluetooth transmitters and thus cannot do basestation power management in the same way that Vive Pro linkboxes can. If you have a Cosmos Elite, the specialized transceivers are in the tracking faceplate.

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