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So temperamental


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You can play on the vive perfect all day long, shut down your PC turn it back on again and it is just plagued with bugs.  Only had it just over a week and find I am having to remove it all and reinstall again and again to get it working.


Just got home from work now and it was all working yesterday.  All I have done it turned on my pc, loaded steam, clicked VR and the errors begin


First error 

"Hmm, that should have happened.

A key component of SteamVR isn't work properly.  Check SteamVR Support (308)"


Then I restarted SteamVR

"Controller not tracking"


Then the two base stations seem to keep going grey and going to sleep.


Just rebooted the controllers and now its decided to add two more controllers. And if I move my mouse cusor over the headset it informs me that it can't detect steam ...



Sigh, would have though the software would have matured a bit by now...





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I usually power cycling ( unplug and plug back in ) the Link Box before use.

doing so has fixed all connection and tracking problem for me, I have not had to reboot the Vive in months. also unpower the Link box when not in use.

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I am also confident it isn't hardware related as when it works it seems to work flawless.  Last night I was playing Startrek all well and good (after I had got past the above issues) and then I shutdown my pc.  

This morning I thought I would have another go, started up my pc loaded steamvr everything started up, then more or less straight away the basestations were showing grey.  I exited steamvr and relaunched and they were still grey.  I had to go into settings to wake them up.  Normally when ever I open steamvr it auto brings the Basestaions out of sleep.  (I prefer to use the link station for BT so that it can manage the Basestation power management (so they are no on all night)).


After that they showed up as green and it all worked fine.

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SteamVR is still very much a work in progress and the issue likely isn't Vive hardware itself. Do you know what your motherboard model is? What type of USB port are you plugging the headset into (2,3,3.1?).

Its an MSI Krait board, everything is plugged in on usb3, as mentioned I don't think its hardware really more the steamvr software.


I currently don't have the vive software installed as I found it breaks VR if there is no internet connection (when I moved my PC downstairs for more room).  What advantage if any does the htc software have over using steamvr.  The Vive software wants to install BT drivers, but do these differ from the steam version.  I presume the vive software is relient on having steam?  I am just again now installed the htc software (as I have two games in there that aren't on steam) and will give that a whirl.

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Just tearing my hair out at the moment, its every day now.  I have to mess around before SteamVR finally dectect the headset, 2 controllers and 2 basestations.  Yet again everything was ok last night now I have turned it on and both base stations are grey.  unplug them back in again and they are currently just appear to be idle with a single green light (not the usual led array).  Yet again the only solution is to do a full uninstall, delete any cache, temp files and reinstall.  I am doing this twice a day at the moment

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