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So temperamental


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Hello, sir. If it does you any good, I can relate to your frustration. I had a similarly rocky experience when I bought my Vive on after-Christmas sale. I just wanted to tell you not to lose hope. The VR experience has been (to me) worth the *significant* hassle of all the stuff you are talking about. Also that my system became fairly stable, knock-on-wood, eventually. I do recall at the beginning, where everything would be working good for a few days, then I would have a long weekend coming up, having bought three new games to hideout and play, and BAM - that is the time for some reason the headset is not detected, even though it has been fine all week.


My biggest pill I had to swallow for VR was moving to Win10, which for a while I booted separately from a separate disk. Finally I couldn't take rebooting to new OS every time I had a half hour free for VR, so I finally went permanently. There is no denying that it seems like every day something or other wants to update, be it Windows, Vive, Steam, nVidia, Java or Adobe, and every time they want to reboot I cringe. But like I said, mine has become generally stable, to the point where I can actually call someone and invite them over to see VR and it will still be working when they get here!


After months of good stability, I recently had some tracking problems which (we don't know why) scared me but I seem to have got them under control by moving base stations. Why were they working fine before and not now? Don't know. I have some theories, including that as I've logged more time on the Vive I've gotten into different games that use more of the play area and also that I've run room setup such that I extract every possible inch of play area from my room, i.e. I'm pushing the boundaries more.


I leave my computer on all the time because I'm on it a lot. I would be curious if your situation would improve if you left the PC on and also if you tried not having the base stations go to sleep. When I first got mine I didn't realize there was an option so I left them running at least the first three months. Now that I have them allowed to sleep, I notice I have one that is always slower than the other and also that sometimes they seem to be not so crazy about waking up, but like I said, after five months of mostly good VR times, I have a little more confidence when I see a gray base station or hand controller that a little messing around will get it back but generally most of this stuff seems to work pretty well.


Good luck and stick with it. 

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I think I am finding that one of the root cause of the problem maybe the BT drivers that are at fault, possibly relating to an unstable helper service.


Also the viveport software seems "buggy".  I have removed and reinstalled 3 times now and I get errors similar to the below.


The first image is steamvr, the second I have never seen before but I think it maybe the vive holding screen?

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Directly from your site the massive download button...


I am getting to the point now where I want to bring a hammer to the bloody lot of it!!!!

Here is my step by step encounters I have had this morning.


Loaded Steam and clicked the VR icon.  The base stations booted up and showed green.  I turned the 100% charged gamepads and they also showed green as did the headset.  Started a game (from steam).  Game began to load, I put on the headset and it was a black screen.  Looked at steamVR and both base stations were now grey.  The physical base stations were up as I could see the LED array.  I shut down SteamVR and this also put the base stations to sleep ... you know the same basestations that 1ms previous the software couldnt even detect.  I then though ffs and uninstalled steamVR and unblugged the link adapter and rebooted the PC.  On reboot I begain the reinstallation of steamvr.  Once installed I plugged in the the link box and the VR logo appeared in Steam which I then clicked.

The basestations came out of sleep, everything showed green, I started the game and put my headset on.  I could see the default Vive Real logo fine and the game loading screen.  I could see my two controllers OK showed 4 power bars.  Then the steam menu came up and my controllers had vanished.  I looked at the PC and both of the controllers were flashing green, about 5 seconds later the twop Base stations icons went grey as they went to sleep.


And its this palava every 12 hours that is making me just scream.


At this moment in type I can see both controllers when I have the headset on, but in steamvr one of them is grey

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I had a quick question. I noticed in this message you say plug into 2.0 instead of 3.0. But if i recall the manual says use 3.0. I bring this up, so far i dont have the issue where the base stations dont come up, it happens once in a blue moon, but i do get where my controlls will not connect, i have to go through a dance of plugging them into pc with usb and syncing the controls. Eventually it works, but sometimes i will be at it for a couple hours. sometimes right away. Would using 2.0 fix this, or should i keep with the 3.0???

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