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WebXR app as APK or kiosk mode in Vive Focus 3


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I am trying to create a simple app using three.js and my goal is to deploy it in VIVE Focus 3 as a standalone application. A similar approach to a PWA that a smartphone user will launch without passing through a browser. I have found some documentation that Oculus CLI has a tool to generate APK from a web manifest file. I would imagine that this process allows to achieve what I have in mind but since I only have access to VF3, I was hoping to find a similar workflow. Any suggestions ?

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I may be incorrect here, but you'll likely need to wait until VIVE releases their "VIVE Browser" since Firefox is the only web browser on the Focus 3 at the moment and it's horribly outdated in terms of WebXR support. You might be able to get something very basic to work, but to do what you're talking about I would think the app would need the browser's web framework available (and current) for it to work well. We know VIVE Browser is already available on the Focus, Focus Plus, and Flow, but it appears to still be in development for the Focus 3.

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