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Foveated Rendering does't work when output render texture is set (Vive Flow on Unity 2020 + Universal RP)

Danilo Delponte

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Hi, we are working on a Vive Flow app and trying to add foveated rendering to improve performance. It works fine until we set an output texture on a 2nd camera, which is required for the experience we're building.

We tried with the Unity Built-In Standard RP and it worked, but we currently need URP.

* Unity 2020.3.20f1 with Universal RP building to Vive Flow.

Find attached a sample project to reproduce this issue. It starts with two cameras and a few props, on the Vive Flow mobile input the left and right buttons toggle the 2nd camera output to a render texture, you can see the foveated rendering turning on and off. Press menu button to exit the app.


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attached files didnt show up, trying again.
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