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Steam VR Home

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Not sure how htc, steam, steamvr are all tied in with each other so not sure if my suggestions on the above would get heard by the people in the know, but I am going to mention it anyways :D


So I installed the SteamVR beta and now a starting place for vr is now a room known as SteamVR Home.  Essentially its a single room with an outdoor section.  There are bookshelfs and other screens, and you can kinda spawn certain furnture items and resize them the interaction is pretty good.

What I am wonderng is if there are plans to be able to save you home layout, would be just a nice little touch for users to create there own custom homes (even better if these could be make public for other users to visit).  You could have trophy racks on the walls (to show off to visitors) which you could tie up to steam achievements/awards or maybe on a bookshelf, you could setup books that are linked to your VR games.  Then you could set up favourites and just pick up up a book and maybe like Valve labs and the Orbs you pull them to your face, or open the book to launch the title.

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